Not getting words by emails

I never got any words by emails since I started using LingQ. Since I could not find any options to turn on the email flashcards so I was wondering how to get these emails.

Never mind I just realized that I misspelled my email in the email field. Sorry.

That will do it. :slight_smile:

My mom (nickname izaka) received e-mail with lingqs of the day only one time. This week she created 90 Lingqs, but there is no any letter from LingQ at her e-mail box (both in inbox and spam). Can you say it is problem with LingQ, or with

Login - LingQ - there is my mom’s profile

It is unlikely to be a problem with LingQ since nobody else has mentioned not receiving the emails. I think might have some strong spam filters. Is your mom able to add support at lingq dot com to some kind of “accepted” list?

Or, if the problem persists, she can open a gmail account.

Oh, yes, I try (have been trying… - oh, those verbs :)) ) to move her to gmail for years. Now she has a strong reason for moving :wink:

As for me, I started to recieve emais from LingQ only when I changed my email address from to

It seems to me there’s some spam-protection filter that blocks entire Mail.RU domain, or something similar.