Not getting notifications for spanish daily lingQs

Hi, I’m not getting notifications for my daily lingQs in spanish. I have checked the “Send notification” box for both spanish and german lingQs in the settings. The notifications for german are working, just not the spanish ones. As a temporary solution I have chosen to receive emails with my daily spanish lingQs. But I would prefer getting the notifications directly on the website. Thanks.

Hi Vimse,
I am sorry to hear that you’re not receiving Daily LingQs notifications for Spanish. I am learning Spanish too and I am receiving notifications regularly. How many LingQs you have created on the SRS (Due For Review) list on the Vocabulary Page?

I have 49 lingQs on the SRS (due for review) list. I’m getting emails every day with my 25 daily lingQs, so it’s not a big problem. It’s just the notifications on the website that are not working for my spanish lingQs. It’s strange because the notifications for my german daily lingQs are working perfectly.

Hi Vimse,
If you still have this problem, please send us an email on support(at) and we’ll help you. Thanks!