Not getting Flash Card Emails

I’ve noticed that I’m not receiving my daily emails of Words to review. I’ve checked my settings and it seems to indicate that my request for daily emails is checked for receipt.

I have checked my spam folders on my email as well and still no visible indication of any email form Lingq in the mix.

Hi! I looked into this and found out what the problem was. It looks like one of the messages from our site was marked as spam a couple of months ago, so as soon as our mailing service saw this they unsubscribed you. I’ve now resubscribed you to all the lists, so you should be receiving all the emails again from now on :slight_smile:

Thanks 4 your quick response and resolve to this matter.

I’m not receiving my daily emails of Words to review either.

I don’t receive any either (but I don’t mind too much at the moment…).

@hpfn - Terribly sorry about this. We sent out an email recently explaining that the issue is related to our mail provider. We’re hoping to have it fixed really soon, but in the meantime you can still access your LingQs of the Day in a couple of different places. Please see the email for more details: Issues with LingQs of the Day

Thanks Alex!