Not getting coins for listening

Hello friends, I’m trying out a couple of 90 day challenges and I’m getting the coins for reading and making lingqs, but for some reason even though I play the audio during almost every session it says I have no coins for lingqs. Anybody know what’s up with that?


Yes, I think they are fixing this. To me I have lessons than don’t count and I don’t know why. And sometimes it changes, one day they are counted and the next day they are not. We need to be patient in this period there are many things to adjust.

Thanks. We are looking into this and it will be fixed soon.

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That’s correct, we need more patience. Now I am listening more and more reviewing mine old lessons. I am happy that doesn’t need create a lot of lingqs and I am spending more time to learn unknown words.
V.5 :+1:

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Yeah, I noticed this too. I should have at least 8 hours of listening for March so far (not sure if the challenge runs off my timezone, so I didn’t count March 1st), but it says I only got 228 coins from listening in the 90 day challenge. I got most of my listening using the mobile app though and only some from the browser. That could be it?