Not enough script shown at a time

Is there a way to condense the script so that I’m not constantly having to scroll down? The auto scroll has never worked and I really don’t need the words to be so large and the lines spaced so far apart. Since the recent updates, I can’t just leave the cursor on the bottom arrow and scroll down - I have to move it slightly each time before I can do so. All this makes it very hard to just read and concentrate on what is being said.

@Page - We are looking at adding the option to adjust the text size, and should hopefully have this in a future update.

In the meantime, the auto-scroll should be working properly. What it is designed to do is scroll the page so that the word you have selected is always in the centre of the screen. This is particularly helpful when using keyboard shortcuts so that you don’t have to scroll up or down. If you’re still having trouble with the auto-scroll be sure to let us know!

Thanks for the reply. Do you know anything about the problem I mentioned with the cursor? I used to be able to keep the cursor still and just click on the far right to scroll down as I read. Now I must first move the cursor each time I want to scroll up or down. This happened after the most recent updates.

@Page - Would you let us know which browser and operating system you are using?

If you want more reading space, check out this page.

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