Not creating LingQs

I am creating lingq but they are not been created. When I create a lingq, the counter doesn’t increase, and once I go back to the previous page the word is blue again. Already tryed on different lessons, by web and android app.


having the same issues. Literally just purchased LingQ and can’t even use it

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Experiencing the same problem here, both from mobile and web. Can’t complete a lesson.

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Same here. Lingqs don’t count towards the daily target.

Same here. The Lessons page is also just spinning. I tried 3 different browsers and same thing.

Same here


Don’t worry, this usually does not happen. I’m sure it will be working again very soon.


Sorry everyone! We are having an unexpected server issue. We are looking into and it should be fixed soon.


Looks to be working for me now.

The LingQs I did today (in the last hour or so) weren’t counted in my today stats. However, I do think the LingQs were created and stored. Various instances of LingQ agree that I finished a lesson and started another one. So most things seem to be working for me except for my today-stats. My one-day streak is in danger! :slight_smile:

Be nice to get this sorted in the next 24 hours. I just lost a 120+ day streak in Spanish, but it’s Russian (729) that I’d be most gutted about

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Yes, I am having the same issue. I tried the app and the web. I am on a 150 day streak in Hungarian and will lose it in an hour…

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Same here across the board, happening with non-beta web, beta-web, 4.0 on Android, and 5.0 on Android. It saves my LingQs but does not register them. I am on a 482 Day Streak and would be very annoyed if it broke over something like this.


Ok, update, I have noticed something clicking around on the website. If I am on the profile screen where I can see the Apple for daily LingQs and I switch languages to any other and then back, very briefly I will see a filled apple. At first when I noticed it, it said 21 / 25, I went and did a few more and repeated these steps and this time it said 26 / 25 before returning to saying 0 / 25. This would appear to be a display issue not a registration issue.


The similar thing happens for me. Daily LingQ Goal does not function properly. I can mark a word with yellow color, yet the number in Daily LingQ Goal does not increase. After I have finished my going lesson, the number of unknown words can increase. This happens both in the i-phone and Window version.

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Well, the problems discussed above had still not been fixed at 11.00 Central European Time on Thursday November 25. Don’t LingQ subscribers deserve some kind of official communication on these issues and reassurance about when normal service will be resumed?

Is it possible to restore my japanese streak, since we had this issue?

Today i was depressed because of this issue, i didn’t learn anything… FIX this issue ASAP!!

same issue. I lost my streak as a result :frowning:

Sorry again everyone!
We’ve identified the database issue which will require some additional fixes over the next few days or so. In the meantime, we have implemented a workaround that should allow you all to keep using LingQ. Some of the statistics may be affected at least in terms of the information displayed. All your work will be tracked properly on the back end and once we have completed our fixes will be shown correctly and be retroactively made up to date.
No streak activity or site activity will be lost. In the meantime, you should be able to use the web and mobile apps again as usual.

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