Not at all

When somebody says, “that’s very nice of you”, is it okay to reply “not at all”?

Thank you!!!

I personally wouldn’t. People would probably just assume it was used as a shortening of “no trouble at all.”

It is better to use “not at all” when someone is asking you for something, especially if they start off with "Would you mind ……? Examples might include, “Would you mind going to the store for me?” “Would it put you our or be an inconvenience if I took next week off?” “No, not at all.”


That sounds strange to me,. I would say “you’re welcome”, but English is not my native language.


“That’s very nice of you.”
“Don’t mention it.”


Probably not specifically to that statement. It doesn’t quite work in my opinion. I think the person would understand what you’re trying to say., but I think what the others have suggested probably are better. I might say “Glad to help” if I had done something for them, or if I was going to do something for them. Or simply “My pleasure” or “It was my pleasure” would work in any context in reply to that statement.

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It makes sense in some situations, but not always. For example, suppose someone did a big favor for you and you did a tiny favor in return and they said, “that’s very nice of you.” Then it would make sense to say, “not at all,” because you’re saying the small favor you did was actually not that nice compared with their big favor.