Not all lingqs in Cloze test

In a text I have read today, There are are 34 Lingqs. All of them appear as flashcards but only 11 as Cloze tests. I have cleared the cache to no effect.

@bill232 - Are these LingQs that you have created today? I wonder if you would be able to send us a link to the lesson you read, along with some of the LingQs that aren’t showing up properly.

Yes they were ones created today (now yesterday).

However, this morning, Friday, all the words now appear.

@bill232 - OK, thanks for the additional information. Sometimes there is a delay in certain LingQs showing up, especially ones that were just created. They will typically show up within 24 hours, so if you notice this issue with any LingQs that were created more than a day prior be sure to let us know!