Not all lessons available in iOS Playlist

One of my playlists has quite a few tracks. I can list them all in the web app. Only three show up in the iOS playlist. Showing here, iOS vs web:

Additional note: the web app reports 12 lessons on the course. Whereas the iOS app reports only 3 lessons. That may explain why only 3 lessons show up in the playlist.

Screenshots showing first the web app (12 lessons) then from iOS app (3 lessons):

Thanks, we are looking into this.

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This is still an issue and is very much limiting the usefulness of my playlists. I need to be able to play them using the iOS app while driving and walking

Hi vernmartin,

Could I have the Course ID or a link to this ‘2000 Words’ course?

I sent it to you in a private message. Thanks!

Mine don’t sync at all.