Not able to save conversation request


I’m unable to save a conversation request at the moment. After I click on ‘Request conversation’ on a tutor’s page, fill in details in the popup and click Save, LingQ responds with an error.

I’ve taken a screenshot for your reference: Gosta - LingQ

Mac + Chrome.


@derekhyang - sorry to hear about this trouble. Have you been able to save your request? Would you try again to see if that works now?

Hi Galina, it’s a bit tricky for me to try it since my tutor has just set up our conversation. I’m afraid of “spamming” my tutor in case it works. Is there an alternative way to test that you recommend? Is this reproducible in your team’s dev environment?

@derekhyang - sounds good! Was it set up because you contacted him directly, or because your request was finally saved? :slight_smile:

For me works fine with English language. I will test it with Swedish as well.