Not able to access lingQed or blue words by hovering or clicking

I have not been able to access lingQed or blue words for the last 24 hours or so. Has anyone any idea why this might be happening? Perhaps it is due to a lack of bandwidth. It is taking me about 1 and a half hours to download a 3 MB sound file.

This problem is making it very difficult for me to use LingQ properly.

Does anyone else encounter the same difficulties?

We haven’t had any other reports of this. Are you experiencing this problem only on LingQ? Also, does refreshing the page help at all?

Everything is very slow. I think I just have to wait for a new server to be installed where I live and work. I actually do not live in Australia, but in Ethiopia.

I am finding LingQ a wonderful help in learning German. I listen and read a lot. I mean a LOT! I am learning because my son is marrying a wonderful German young lady (he may be reading this) and I want to be able to communicate better with her parents and grandparents who speak very little English.

I have been following threads on passive and active vocabulary. It makes sense to me that understanding is even more inportant than being able to fluently speak, and for that you need, not only a very large passive vocabulary, but also a wide familiarity with the way the language is used, its idiosyncracies and idioms. I feel also that I have joined a wonderful community of people who are activily learning.

I am not able to communicate by voice on Skype or similar and telephone conversation would be very expensive, but I have acccess to local German speakers.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for the nice words Rae and sorry to hear that things are slow. You are absolutely right about our community. We are lucky to have such wonderful people here, communicating across vast distances and language differences, but with a common purpose, to learn and help each other.

Ah, so it appears to be an issue on your end. Hopefully the new server is installed speedily!

It’s interesting to hear your story, and I wish you the best of luck in learning German. There is a lot of excellent content in the library and a lot of excellent German on the site should you need them (although it sounds like writing correction would be more useful for you based on your internet connection…).
In any case, I look forward to seeing you active both in the forums and on the site. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with as you continue your studies here at LingQ.