Not a valid audio url - what's wrong?

I’m learning Swedish and “Radio Sweden på lätt svenska” is a fantastic source. Short news text in simple Swedish with audio read slowly by a professional speaker with a very clear pronunciation.

When I import an article into LingQ the text works just fine, but the audio is missing. I couldn’t find the audio url in the source code of the page so I guess LingQ can’t find it therefore. That’s okay.

I tracked the audio url via the network tab in the developer tool of Firefox and tried to add it manually to the imported text. But unfortunately I only get an error message that the url is no valid audio url. I can call the url in the browser and it plays. There seems to be no DRM involved also. And I don’t use any login. I can download it with no problem.

Here is an example of the article:

And that’s the audio url I try to add:

Can somebody tell me what the problem with this url is? Has it to be a special format (only mp3?) or something like that?

The audio has to be MP3.

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Yes, as @JFC wrote, looks like this audio is in m4a format. LingQ can only support mp3 files at the moment.

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Okay, then it’s not solveable, they don’t offer a mp3 file. Thank you both for the help!

Download the file and then use an online converter to convert it to mp3. Then upload it to LingQ.

I’ve not used this particular one, but it came up in a search:

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Thanks, but I think that’s too much effort (I would import around five news a day). If LingQ could import aac audio I would hack something together with Javascript so the LingQ browser addon would find the audio. But setting up everthing manually… rather not. I still can listen to the audio on the original website.

I hope LingQ will support other common codecs besides mp3 in the future. aac/m4a should play on any platform LingQ supports anyway.