Not a fan of the "Review Sentence" change on PC

Just to give some feedback, ever since the addition of the review sentence icon on the website was added LingQ has gotten much more buggy and unusable for me. (Getting stuck and having to refresh more frequent, coins / words read not getting counted, not able to arrow pass manually made LingQs)

It would be fine if it was a welcome and useful change, but I never use that function since I’d rather just read, and it took the place of the very helpful vocab unknown section.

Now to see how many unknown words in the part, I have to go back to the entire lesson and search for the part. Hovering over the green progress gives all the unknown words (including the stage 4 words - which i consider known but i like to underline because chinese has no spaces so it gets easier to read for me). In paragraph mode, the unknown words section in the lower right has become complete nonsense / buggy and doesn’t match up.

Being able to check at a glance the number of unknown words in a part was amazingly helpful for me, since I could gauge the difficulty of a text and my progress over time.

Apologize for the complaints, but just want give some feedback over a change that I personally found made this website worse and more frustrating to use. I don’t expect any changes, but at least I feel better complaining hahaha

Honestly, maybe this change is what I need to wean myself off this website and just use migaku parsing / yomichan / DeepL instead - I bought the life time subscription but the continued bugs are testing my patience.


Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it and we’ll see what we can do to improve things.

Such issues will keep happening if only lone warrior zoran is doing everything from taking care of payment issues to developing an interface to fixing bugs. He is my nomination for nobel peace prize :slight_smile:


I find the new sentence review function. extremely helpful! It helps me to focus on how the sentence is structured and what it sounds like. This is particularly useful for lessons, such as the Mini Stories, that have a good connection between the sentence and the original audio for that sentence.

the good cop :wink: