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Norwegian site: Could we get “The Little Prince” (Den lille prinsen) added? Apparently it has been translated in over 300 languages, but it is impossible to get a Norwegian language epub or ebook version in the U.S. from Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble. I see that there are versions in Spanish and Italian on Lingq… The novel would be a great learning tool, and enjoyable by everyone. Thanks.

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Have you tried searching Norwegian sites? If it’s an ebook, you should be able to download it from there. I have done this to download a lot of Italian books from an Italian book site.

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I tried searching for this but it appears the results are all commercial. My sympathies. Finding material in Norwegian (5.3 million population) must be like finding material in Serbian (7 million), which I can confirm is difficult if you’re picky. The OP’s best hope is either brainstorming for different topics or finding a web shop which will ship/provide downloads to abroad, which may be challenging.

Thanks Mark. At this point I have tried Amazon, Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Kobo, all in the U…S, and every online book seller that I can find (based on a Duolingo forum comment) in Norway. I have had no luck. In fact the only download that I have seen is the Svensk (Swedish) from Adlibris, the same one that others have found. So I appeal to any native Norwegian reader of this forum who might be able to offer some insight, since relying only on the internet has not been fruitful. Takk!

I’m not against paying for an ebook but not all providers will “ship” to abroad. If will then that’s great.

I would love to see Jo Nesbo’s books with audio here if anyone can work out how to post both video and audio. for the whole community to use. I have imported a few books for my own use, but copyright means I cannot share.

Thanks Steve. Unfortunately, they only seem to have the audio book… I am still unable to find a vendor that has the e-book. And in terms of purchasing the audio book, we in the United States are faced with this restriction: “Unfortunately, we do not have permission to sell the book to you in your country.” I don’t know if it also applies to Canada. is not the only site that displays this type of restriction too.

I was able to get Alice i eventyrland ebook and the NRK radio production from wihout any problem. I haven’t tried Den lille prinsen. I do know that the copyright holders still hold on to their copyright very tightly. That is why there is you don’t find other illustrated versions of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is why wont sell this outside of Norway…

Nå har jeg lett litt rundt på nettet, men jeg finner heller ikke “Den lille Prinsen” som ebok på norsk. Kanskje ikke helt det samme, men hva med “Den lille muldvarpen som ville vite hvem som hadde bæsjet på hodet hans”? Ikke? Ok…

Enough joking. I found The Little Prince for free at the National Library, but you need a Norwegian IP-address. I would assume that you actually can access it with a VPN-network

Has anyone learning Norwegian had any success in obtaining this book in the US?

I had to read this book in French class and it is perfect for the level I’m at now. I’m sure it would be useful for everyone learning Norwegian.