Norwegian simple stories

(sorry, mini-stories :P)

I’m NEEDING these done. I am starting to contact some teachers to see if they would be willing to record them and am trying to figure out what others have paid teachers to record the stories. I’m wanting to community fund these to get them done, can anyone provide some guidance?

PS - if someone can point me to the document that HAS the Norsk mini-stories, I would appreciate it, I can’t find it anywhere!


Norwegian Mini Stories aren’t yet available, but we finally have someone working on them and translations for the first 10 stories are delivered. As soon as I get recordings too, we will put them up. And hopefully we will soon have rest of the stories available too.


Oh great! That’s amazing! Thanks for the update!

So I have no personal experience with this book (or any of his other books), but there is an ebook, audiobook and physical book for this:

I think it could fill a pretty similar niche to the Mini Stories of something that you simply repeat.

My preferred method now is this:

I simply pick a story I am familiar with or have listened to before and hit play every night. It adds the repetition I need when I am already getting novelty from new books or TV shows. Also because I am winding down for the day I don’t really fill that I am missing anything if I can’t actively pay attention to it.


Thanks Zoran!