Norwegian mini-stories & ChatGPT

Since there are only 10 of the required 60 mini-stories has LingQ (or anyone else) considered using ChatGPT to write the remaining 50 stories?

There are a number of languages like this unfortunately.

The issue isn’t lack of quality text. Its lack of native speaker to voice them with studio level audio.


I’m confused by this question. I just checked and all 60 mini-stories are there. I can’t check the audio right now though, perhaps that is what you meant? But the written translations are there.

It does appear that LingQ has now added Mini-stories 11 through 60 to the library. I tested a couple of them and they do have audio as well as text, but the audio seems to be the AI generated type and not that of a native speaker. You can compare 11 through 60 to 1 through 10 to hear the difference. Nonetheless, it is a pleasant surprise to finally have the complete set.

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Hi Ted,

It is certainly human audio, we wouldn’t add any lessons to our Mini Stories that don’t feature the voice of a native speaker. We just added the last 50 stories more recently, so they were recorded by a different person.



I’m loving Norwegian so thank you for providing all the mini stories!!!

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