Norwegian Certificate Received

This is the first semester that I consequently sent in writing excercises to my Norwegian tutor Snorre (10 writing excercises so far) which have advanced in the level. Also I listened listened / read a collection of Norwegain podcasts produced by Madelaine.

I am very happy to have received an official LingQ - certificate for this work certifying my "Beginner 1 - level " in Norwegian.



Congratulations! I hope more people will study Norwegian at LingQ! I am too busy with Russian, Catalan, Swedish, Dutch and Polish right now, but I hope I’ll find the time for Norwegian in some years.


Thanks for the congratulations! I am already on LingQ since 2009, but this is the first time that I did enough LingQ languages studies to achieve such a certificate! :slight_smile:


Good for you Fasulye. Writing is a great way to learn. I should do more of it myself!

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Writing is what I miss in my VHS Danish course, we don’t do any Danish writing exercises in this class. Therefore I am so glad that I can write dialogs and essays here in Norwegian and I get them corrected. My only writing in Danish is in my log on the HTLAL-forum but that is normally without any corrections. If I compare my first little dialog written in Norwegian here on LingQ with my essay, which I sent in as my 10 th writing excercise, I see quite some progress. So it’s good to have this LingQ feature and of course the podcasts with transcripts here besides my study with Norwegian textbooks and audio-CDs.


One new year resolution I have is to do more writing.