Non YouTube and Netflix

Can I import the text from videos with subtitles that are on other sites, for example from ZDF (German)


This thread has a mega list of resources that you can import into LingQ

ZDF should be fine.

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Thanks Ericrobertz. The list is great.

The list suggests that I should be able to import several sites but when the video runs and try to import it, lingq extension grabs the information on the page not the sub titles in the video. Am I doing something wrong? I can successfully import from Netflix and generally from YouTube although I am receiving an error (this is a recent problem and there is an active post related to it).

I am experiencing the same issues. I am trying to import subtitles for the Norwegian site and while sometimes it works, it often just grabs the info from the page and not the video.

Lingq importer is not compatible with every non youtube website. For example, it can not import from Amazon Prime. However, ZDF has enough content for your language learning process and the good thing is, Lingq importer is compatible for it. I went through one German movie at lingq as a lesson which I imported it from ZDF.

If you can’t get the importer to work for nrk there is a free command line tool called youtube-dl that I have been using to get subtitles from nrk. I’ve basically only used tv shows from nrk up until now for my Norwegian. I’ve used this tool for a bunch of them. You can download subtitles, audio, video or whatever combination of those you want.

It’s a bit more of a hassle importing the stuff to lingq individually, instead of using the extension, but unlike the extension it always works. The only thing it doesn’t work for is netflix.

here’s the website with all the instructions on how to use it

Here’s the list of sites it works for. It looks like it works for ZDF as well.

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