Non-responsive script running

I constantly get a non-responsive script message saying that a script is running on the page and that I could either continue (in which case nothing happens) or stop the script. It is annoying as it occurs constantly. Nobody seems to be able to help me. I use the latest Firefox version and Windows XP.

Can you confirm which page this is happening on? There seem to be a few bugs in Firefox 13 that cause problems on the site, but let us know which page is giving you problems and we’ll look into it.

Thank you for responding. When I highlight a few words to have a phrase to link, then this message comes up - almost all the time. I have just started on this site so it is quite disheartening. I would be grateful if you could help me. Thank you very much.

OK, I’ve looked into this and it seems to be related to the speed at which you select phrases, but may also be related to your computer’s speed. We are working on some updates that should help resolve this issue, but in the meantime I might recommend going a little bit more slowly when saving phrases in a lesson.

aahhh! Everybody always tells me to slow down … My pc should not be the problem as it is new and the specs are not that bad!!! Thank you, in any case, I am waiting for it to be fixed, otherwise there is no sense in paying for the premium course, as I would become too frustrated. Sorry, about that, but that is me … things have to go fast!!! :smiley: