Non-English books on language learning

I’m after some recommendations of books in languages other than English that deal with the brain and language-learning. So far the only one I know of is Manfred Spitzer’s book “Lernen: Gehirnforschung und die Schule des Lebens”. Can anyone point me to some others, preferably in French?

I’m currently using some for my research project. “Le développement du langage” by Agnès Florin and “Comment les enfants apprennent à parler” by Jerome Bruner are the ones I’ve got in front of me now - I at least one more in French and a few in German my office, I’ll let you know what the titles and authors are next time I’m there. I bought the French books on and the German ones on - you could just do a search there and see what catches your eye.

That’s a great help, Adrian, thanks a lot!

Last century I bought Alfred Tomatis “Nous sommes tous nés polyglottes” after I had met the good docteur at a Tomatis Centre. It may not be cutting edge brain research but is fascinating. From the blurb:
…Pourquoi avons-nous (les français) tant de mal à parler anglais? Pourquoi les Slaves sont-ils “doués” pour les langues? Cette inégalité de naissance n’est pas affaire de don, mais d’oreille: éduquons-la, ouvrons-la, et nous découvrons que nous sommes nés pour parler toutes les langues.
Sounds familiar?