Nochmals: Fortschritt wird wieder nicht gezählt

Hello, can someone please help me. Unfortunately today my progress is not counted, I have read a lot today and heard a lot more but my apple does not show this. That’s a shame because I’m proud of 111 days WITHOUT interruption and it’s still at 110 days and not going on.
I would really appreciate if this problem could be fixed soon.
Thank you very much.
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vor 3 Tage, 15 Stunden
I checked your account and everything looks fine. There is a progress on it for today and you did reached your Daily Goal.
vor 3 Tage, 4 Stunden
Thank you, at the latest afternoon it runs again!
vor 4 Stunden, 58 Minuten
hello, the above problem has been constantly appearing for a few days. I listen to many hours and it just does not count. Then suddenly it works again. What can it be? Please check again, that’s really annoying!
Best regards

Moooooooin. When you say it suddenly works again, do you mean it counts everything you previously listened to when it was not working? Could it just be a refresh issue such that you have to refresh your browser or restart the app?

Thank you for your help. No it does not count the past and I have also tried several times to restart the PC. The times I listen to podcasts on the iPad are not counted at all and on the PC sometimes and sometimes not. Also today it had again several dropouts, in between it went again and again.

@Glueckling Can you please message us directly from the app, so that we can check your logs and try to figure out what’s going on? Please make sure to mention the issue in email sent from the app too so that our developers know what’s the problem. Thanks!