No Writing Correction

Hello. Has anyone else been disappointed at submitting a writing post and it’s never corrected? I do understand that it’s pretty much the luck of the draw unless you pay someone. Maybe my writing is just too boring!:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hi chicgeek…It’s probably more a question of timing and then once submissions fall off that first page there may be less chance of it getting replied to. Try resubmitting (if you hadn’t already)…Also maybe see what timeframe some of the German submissions get answered (if it shows that). I’ve submitted a few things in the morning in the U.S. and typically see them answered by the afternoon.

Hopefully better luck!

Hello! Thank you for the suggestion. I didn’t think of resubmitting it. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

I think it should help…Someone usually will correct writings. People are very helpful with that. So I’m thinking someone simply didn’t see it before it got pushed down too far. I know when I spend some time correcting, I usually only scroll through maybe 10-15 English submissions looking for something not answered and then I give up.

Hi Chicgeek, that was really bad luck - I’ve scrolled back ove two weeks and all other German texts had been corrected …
You should have received my suggestion by now - it’s not 100% word by word, hopefully it’s helpful anyway and you’ll be luckier next time :wink:

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Yes I saw it, thank you so much for going back and looking it up. That was nice. And it definitely is helpful!

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