No translation for this one

Can a tutor of Korean to English please help me with this term? It was within a phrase concerning names? Im guessing it was “My name is” but I dont want to assume and get it wrong. Thanks in advance!

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nvm its John-iyeo. i feel dumb haha

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Hi Becky,

Glad to see that you were able to answer your own question :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask other questions if you have them and you will be sure to get an answer.


I think you’re correct.
that is “my name is John”
but more correctly says “나의 이름은 존이에요.”
My = 나의 , name=이름 is=이에요 john=존

good luck~

my name is refer to 제 이름은 ,
존이(the boy’s name,johnny)에요(is)

존 = John 이에요=is Sentence was probably something like “my name is john”

You figured it out! That’s pretty smart in my opinion. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: