No text to speech on German imports

Hello. I recently imported several new lessons in German. No problems with the YouTube videos. However the non-YouTube videos did not bring over the audio. Also the articles do not have any audio (no text to speech). I have an Android (Samsung) phone. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Do you have Google TTS installed and set as default on your device? All lessons you import in German should have TTS pronunciation available.
Lesson audio won’t be available for lessons you import manually without uploading the audio file.

Hello. Yes I do have Google TTS installed and saved as the default. The other part I don’t understand. I used the LINGQ browser extension exactly same way for everything (including the successful YouTube imports). Am I supposed to do something different for non-YouTube videos and articles? What do you mean by importing manually and uploading the audio file? Doesn’t it all come together when you use the browser extension? Thanks.

Our imported extension can’t grab and import audio if it’s not available on the source you are importing a content from. For example, if you are importing a news article, the imported will grab the text and import a lesson without an audio.
For YouTube imports, it does grab both subtitles and audio, but in case when there’s no audio, there’s nothing to grab and import except the text.

Thank you for your reply. It makes sense for news articles. However I also imported several videos as lessons (not from YouTube). There was an audio track on the websites but the audio did not come over. Why?

Our imported extension can’t grab and import audio from each source. It can grab text, but audio only on a few sources we support. In case when audio isn’t imported automatically, you can download it and manually upload it to a lesson.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try to figure that out. Uncle Steve makes it sound like you can zip around the internet and take anything you want. Not exactly accurate.

tts only works in sentence mode. Are you in sentence mode? I’ve personally sometimes found issues on the android app where it doesn’t do the tts. I’m not sure why. The new app they are working on this is resolved.

Hi Zoran,
Just to give some background to what @1_chicgeek said, I’ve noticed a similar problem whilst importing Video-Lessons from the DW website.
The Audio has been automatically grabbed until like a week ago. Then it stopped working.

I had to manually download the audio from the source and re-upload it separately: Login - LingQ


@Seppo Thanks, will check if anything changed with the DW.

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