No streaks!

Hi - every day my ‘streak’ resets to zero. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

You need to reach your Daily LingQs goal (create enough LingQs - yellow words) in order to maintain your streak. You can set the goal under the settings button (gear icon) on the home page.

Hey Nick, you still have your daily LingQs goal set at 50, which is ‘intense level’, instead of the usual 13 per day. No wonder you’re having trouble making enough lingQs (turning blue words into yellow) for your streak. You can reset it like Zoran said from the gear icon on home page. I have mine set to 13, even though I do way more - just so I can still show up even on crappy days and still get something done.

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I was very disappointed the LingQ jumped on the bandwagon with streak counts. It very nearly made me ask for a refund. Maintaining streaks, and I have far too many, feeds into compulsive behavior.

I can not tell whether you’re serious or joking that maintaining streaks feed into “compulsive behaviour” :sunglasses: :blush: I’ve got two decent streaks going, and I love it! They set me up for learning the rest of the day, and keep me accountable - instead of hit and miss days :wink: