No standard language for low saxon

It would be great with low saxon/low german but there is a problem. There is no standard language. what dialect shuld it be in 60 mini stories?

It is standart high German that is spoken in lower saxony. A bit confusing since there are two kinds of German that are referred to as high German. First difference was between the low, northern parts of Germany and the high, mountainous southern part. The German that has been standardised as High German, meaning the more prestigious variant of higher culture is actually a dialect of the low regions.

So if you want to learn the language that is currently spoken in lower saxony go ahead and just learn standart german.

If you however mean to learn the nearly obsolete “Plattdeutsch”, I dont assume that Lingq is planning on adding them as a course. I dont think anybody ever has leant it as a foreign language.

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Plattdeutsch is not obselet and people are learning it. there are many memerise courses for people to learn.