No sound, no download

Suddenly, I am not getting any sound and the download doesn’t work. I’m using Google Chrome.

Is this problem for every lesson or just specific ones? It’s possible that the audio file is missing/broken for the particular lesson or collection.
I checked on Chrome and everything appears to be working properly…

I have the same problem, it’s on lessons I’ve listened to before as well. So all of them?
I use chrome as well.

Can you link me to a lesson that isn’t working for you? You can find the Share URL at the bottom of the lesson page.

Everything in this Collection. For me doesn’t work.

Everything I have for other langauges works just fine.

URL de la lección: Login - LingQ
See if it’s just me.

It’s an issue with the audio files in these lessons. Serge has provided a lot of great content, but for some reason some of the audio files were corrupted. He fixed a few audiofiles in a similar collection: Audio Files Corrupted - Language Forum @ LingQ

I’ve sent him a message so we’ll see if he can reupload the audio for these lessons.

By the way, if it says “NaN:NaN” when you play the audio file (aka Not a Number:Not a Number) it means that the file is corrupted or missing. In these cases it’s best to just post on the content provider’s wall to let them know.

as I was listening the lessons, some time ago, all was fine!

Alright then. I saw the thread and thought maybe there was a conspiracy; Ghosts in the machines as they so often are.

How can so many files be corrupted? I get so many lessons with the NaN:NaN thing and I can’t listen to anything…

I don’t honestly know why so many files are corrupted, but we’re looking into it now. If you find other lessons that say NaN:NaN when you try and play the file please let us know by either posting here or sending an email to LingQ Support. Thanks!

I have tried several of the Radialistas lessons and they don’t work.

Thanks, dogwoad. We’ll take a look at this one too.

By the way, the audio files in “Français niveau débutant” have now been restored. :slight_smile:

The same happened to Textos Curtos in Spanish. E.g. Comida espanola, receta del gazpacho etc.

We’re working on this issue now, so we’ll keep you guys updated as to how things progress in fixing this issue.

This should hopefully be fixed now.
Again, please let us know if you come across any lessons with this problem!

I can download the sound of Lesson URL: Login - LingQ but only in a form I can playfrom an open page or tab. I cannot put it on Itunes.

@rae: I’ve answered here: Not Able To Download To Mp3 Player - Language Forum @ LingQ

@rae68 - Since this is an external audio file, you must right click the download button and select “Save Link As…” to save the audio file to your computer.

Thanks Alex, for fixing this problem so quickly

The thanks should go to our excellent developers :slight_smile: Please let us know if you encounter any more problems!