No sound in flashcards with Lingqs of the day

I do not have sound in my vocabulary practice on flashcards either in French or Spanish. I have sound when listening to lessons. I use Edge, as I prefer the sound quality over Chrome. As well, the keyboard key to go to the next flashcard does not work either.

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I use Firefox. I have the same problem with French. The audio of text will play but not flashcards or any of the circular yellow buttons for hearing just one word. It does’t work with the mouse. The instructions say to press Tab. That doesn’t work either.
I am brand new to Lingq. Hmmm

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Sorry about that. Some users are currently experiencing issues with TTS on the site. We are looking into the issue and it will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!


I also use Firefox (Windows 7).
The voices in Spanish don’t work and what I have tried with some languages, I can say that only English works. But when we use Chrome, the voices work.
But … using Explorer … using Chrome … :frowning:

“I lost the voices” last week and some other members also:

Has this been resolved for you ? I have been having the same issue for about a week.

I have that problem with missing sound since more than one week. I wrote a support ticket and on Monday 26 got the following answer: "Sorry about that! We are already familiar with that issue and our team is looking into it. Should be fixed soon. " But until now nothing is fixed! A dissatifying situation and bad customer support! (I am a paying member)
A temporary solution is the mobile app, where everything is working (Android)

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It’s the same with me with French for over a week now. It would be helpful if we could at least have an update about this.

No change, still no sound on flashcards. I don’t know if I would have continued with Lingq if there had been no sound when I started.

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I now have sound on my flashcards and on the Lingq’s to the right of my lessons. The keyboard buttons to advance to the next page still don’t work, but I am back to my language learning. Yea!

Yes, the issue should be fixed now. Thanks so much for your patience, I appreciate that!

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