No show

Good day,

I’m just now hosting my very first 1-on-1. But the student’s a no-show. I looked on the Tutor Central page but couldn’t understand specifically whether or not I should bill for any time over the 15 minutes mention on the site. That is, do I bill for the full hour, or only for the 15 or so minutes I take waiting for my conversation partner? I do I not bill at all?

I’ve only now seen the ‘Member did not attend’ checkbox at the bottom of the conversation report page. I think this answers my question about what to do in this kind of situation. Sorry ^ ^;

I often offer people a chance to rearrange before I bill them for a no-show. Students tend to become regulars, and over the course of a few months there’s bound to be a no-show or two on either side :wink: New times can usually be arranged quite easily.

I see – that sounds like a great idea. It’s certainly more forgiving than the alternative. Thank you!

Well, you know, if they don’t show up you are within your rights just to bill them. If you do bill them for a “no-show” and they then pay for another session with you you could always say: “Would you like to make this session longer, seeing as you paid for an earlier session that you couldn’t make?”

Again, if someone is a regular, you may end up chatting a couple of times after their session is formally over. Then if they do miss a session they often say: “Don’t worry about it! It will pay for the longer chats we have sometimes!”

You have a certain amount of discretion, as long as you don’t spend more time arranging sessions than you do actually talking to people, because that will hack you off :wink: