No "remove course" button in "My Courses"?

Every lesson in “My Lessons” has a small button in the bottom right corner to remove it from “My Lessons”. However, there seems to be no such button for “My Courses”.

In the Android app, it is possible to remove a course via a long press and tapping on “remove course”. When I do that, the course disappears on all my mobile devices, but it is still visible on the website.

I can’t imagine that this is the intended behaviour. Surely, there should be a button in the website version doing the same as the “remove course” option on mobile devices (and they should be synchronized).

Hi JakubMarian,
For now there is no option to remove the entire course from “My Courses” tab. You will need to remove all lessons from that course on the “My Lessons” tab and after that course will disappear automatically too.

Please add this option soon: one of the courses I want to remove has 68 lessons!