No points given

Hi there,

I just noticed that I wasn’t given any points for the March-April period. I was hoping you could take a look on your end and see what happened. Thank you very much

You’re right – something strange seems to have happened here. I’ve now added the points for this period and in the meantime we’ll be sure to look into why the points weren’t given out.

Many thanks!

I bought some points on Saturday. But there are no points in my account till today. Money went to Lingq account for 2000 points.
I saw notification ‘an internal error’ only after second purchase. I payed by pay pal. When I will get my points? Thank you very much.

@albinaz - Sorry about that! We’ll look into why these points weren’t given automatically. In the meantime, I’ve now manually added 2000 points to your account.

Thank You!