No Play Button on Imported Lesson

I created a lesson today, actually two of them and the banner area to the left of settings in the imported lesson is blank, no play button, speed or tracking bar visible. But when I click in that area the link to the video I uploaded starts to play and it leaves the LINQ screen and goes to the video.
Also how do I upload audio from you tube? I am a little confused.



Hi Bstodnick,

In order for a lesson to have audio, you have to upload an audio file when creating the lesson, you can add the audio file at a later time, just click the settings wheel for that lesson on the My Imports page and edit the lesson.
If you click the “Upload Audio File” button on the left-hand side of the page, a window will pop-up asking you to choose an audio file from your computer/laptop.

If you want to get audio from a certain Youtube video I suggest searching, “youtube to mp3” on google, there’s a few websites that are simple to use.

Thanks…but can I also upload a you tube video to LingQ?

Yes, click on the Resources tab, then click on the drop down menu to see “Videos”. Add the URL in the small box below and a description in the larger one underneath that.

Hope this helps!