No PinYin in APP version

I need in Chinese PinYin translations to know how to pronounce the characters. This works quite well on the computer, but somehow my phone doesn’t show PinYin above the characters. In my settings in the App it’s activated. Someone else has this bug? I am dependent on it at the moment, so that’s a huge issue for me.


Please note that Pinyin is for now available only on blue and yellow popups on the Android app, not in the lesson text itself. We will add it there too in the near future.


Hey zoran, I haven’t been using lingq for a while (because it is not useful for Mandarin Chinese) but I saw I can see PinYin now also when entering from my mobile phone via a browser (not the App). That’s already much better and I can use lingq for studying Chinese now. Of course an implementation in the App would round up things even more :)! btw: I am not sure what you mean with blue&yellow popups… but probably you mean the browser, yes?

We will soon launch LingQ update to 5.0 version on Android app too and that will include the Pinyin in the app too.
Blue and yellow popups are popups that appear after you select words (depends on their colour) and in this small popups Pinyin is available already on the app too.

hi man i will buy lingq premium to study chinesse with pinin can you tell me approximatley when you will have the the pinyin in androud ?

It will be available in 5.0 version which we are working on. Should be released this autumn.

Counting down the days! This will revolutionize the learning process.

Hi Zoran - Happy new year. Has there been any movement on this? I still can’t see pinyin on my android but noticed that my phone still has 4.9.22. Has 5.0 V come out yet?

5.0 version isn’t up yet for Android, but should be next week. :slight_smile: