No one around here "have" even heard of that

No one around here “have” even heard of that.

Question: Is this sentence grammatically correct?

I thought the verb should be used “has” instead of “have” because no one is considered “single”.
But I’m still not sure about it.

Thank you!!!

You are correct. It should be “has.” “No one around here has even hard of that.”

Maybe it is just a typo in the subtitles. Or did you notice it in the dialogue itself?

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Thank you, LILingquist.
Yeah, I guess it’s just a typo.
I watched the movie again and the dialogue was spoken so quickly that I couldn’t even hear the word.

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“No one”, “not anyone” and “nobody” are singular, because “one”, “anyone” and “body” are singular, so it´s “no one has” and “nobody has”, “not anyone has”.

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confirmed typo.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload a screenshot.

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