No more Daily Lingqs in my WEB page

Hi there,
I used to have a list of Daily Lingqs to review organized by date, but now it’s no longer so.

If I press the button TO REVIEW (SRS) I cannot see any further menu. It used to show the previous sets organized by date.

Could you check it out and let me know?


That’s funny. On the iOS APP the history of Dailiy Lingqs is correctly reported and up to date, but not on the WEB page! Any idea?

@grandemente Sorry about that. Looks like a bug there. We’ll get that fixed.

I am having the same problem. I am using Chrome and working in a Windows 8 platform.

@mark THe Daily Lingqs are back, that issue is now over. Thanks. Take care :wink:

@grandemente, @knowitsome - Yes, that issue has been fixed now. Sorry about that!

Thank you!