No longer receive LingQ's of the day email or notification

I am having an issue now with not receiving any new LingQs of the day, either through notification or email. I was inactive two days but have now been active again and have added new words and LingQ’s, but still do not receive any notifications.

I checked my notifications setting and those are checked so what could it be? (This is in Swedish btw)

Looks like you dropped from our email system. I subscribed you back, so you should be receiving them again from now on.

Thanks! Was I suppose to have already received the emails? I have yet to receive any emails at all from lingq. I’m also not getting any notifications.

Looks like we are getting marked as spam by you and you drop from our email system. Can you please make sure to whitelist us ( support(at) ) in your email settings?


Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem Ongo was experiencing. A few days ago I stopped receiving e-mails with the lingQs of the day. I’m quite new so I’m afraid I touched something I shouldn’t have.
Thanks in advance if you can help me, Massimo

@maxrol20 Do you have Daily LingQs email enabled for your study language on the Notifications Settings page?

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It seems you were right, Zoran. For some reason that setting wasn’t ticked. The weird thing is that I don’t remember ever having unticked it. Thanks anyway, we’ll see if it works now

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