No LingQs of the Day (LOTDs) Generated for 4-5 March 2016

Per the Title. The dropdownlist for Vocabulary (lotd-dropdown) ends at 3-March.

If I manually change the queryid “lotd_date” to 2016-03-04 in the URL I receive the “Invalid Iput Parameters” error so I’m pretty sure they were not generated.

Hi Greg,
How much LingQs you have on your Due For Review (SRS) list on the Vocabulary page?

5,458 Due for Review.

I now have 06-Mar-2016 LOTDs.

I`ve the same issue, The last LingQs for review are for Mar04.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve reported the issue and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

To follow-up on this everything to me seems to be running smooth for 6 thru 8 March 2016.

As for me, I got Due for Review LingQs on 4 March, on 7 March, and that`s it. Is there a chance the issue is somehow connected to Notifications option in android app? Because I reinstalled it, as I remember, right on March 4th and unchecked that option.

Holy cow. Now that you mention it I think I changed my Notification Option on the android app on/about 3 March. But changed it back the evening of 5 March.

I think you’re on to something Vassy!

I’m beginning to think the Android app is also the reason I get no LOTD notifications in my browser (even when they are generated).


Vassy and GregD,
If you’ve disabled Daily LingQs notifications and email on the app, that will automatically disable it on website too. App and website are synchronized. Is that what you both did?

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That is what I did, yes.