No letters about writings

In the old version of the Lingq I always received a letter from lingq@support if someone wanted me to correct his\her writing.
It was very convenient for students and for tutors, and the tutors could (at least about me) very quickly to correct sent writings.
Now I receive the letter about discussions, but I receive no letters about writings.
And my studend defrno had to write on my wall that she sent me her writing two days ago. I haven’t just known about it!
And it’s not so easy now to find them at least we don’t have them on the tutor page, and we have additional to open the list of writings instead of receiving a letter about them from lingq@support.
I believe it would be more convenient to have again the letters about the writings what we have to correct.

@evgueny - Yes, there was a bug but it has been fixed. You should now receive those emails in future. You can also find any writing submissions listed in your Timeline on the Learn page. All writing submissions, conversation requests etc appear in your Timeline.