No lesson but paid

Hi Alex, Something was going so wrong and confused with my appointment with “lernwithme” dated for Wednesday 16.15.
Maria accepted my postponement, BUT I NEVER DID, and I never asked for 75 min.Can it be, that the mess happened during the switch to the new side of Lingq?
Anyway,fact is, I cannot come together with lernwithme/Maria but I have been charged with 2500 points.

PLEASE, send me back the 2500 points for the not used 75min. I will make a new appointment with a tutor.
On Monday I have already with Maria (that’s another Maria) the next lesson.
Yesterday I wrote an email to lingq-support, but no reaction.

We don’t seem to have received any email regarding this. In any case, I’ve emailed both you and the tutor to make sure we’re all on the same page :slight_smile: