No lesson audio in firefox

The lesson audio won’t play for me in firefox. I can play the audio for individual words in flashcard review, but when I press play for lesson audio, nothing happens.

I don’t get any error messages, and nothing pop up saying I need to install something. I just click the button and nothing happens.

The audio works in IE, but I just prefer using Firefox. Am I missing something obvious?

Hi @Bortrun, sorry to hear about that. Does it happen with only one lesson in Firefox or with all the lessons? Please send us a link to the lesson so we can test it in our computers. Also, try to refresh the page (Ctrl + F5) to see if that helps.

Hi Galina, this problem on Firefox has been reported several times now.

And I know from Jolanda that she did research with LingQ support but they couldn’t figure out the problem.

I’m working with Firefox too and I’ve no problems, but others have problems.

thanks @Veral. It is true. There is a particular set of circumstances that causes this issue (browser +operating system + Flash, etc.). That is why we try to test a lesson with different operating systems & browsers.

Thanks for the responses. It happens with all lessons on this computer, so I’ll just have to use a different browser. No biggie. I saw that new tool for Chrome, so maybe I’ll start using that.