No Hungarian on LingQ?

Hey guys!
I’m planning to start learning Hungarian very soon, but I don’t see it in the list of languages available on lingQ (including Beta languages). Is there a way it can be added?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer all languages. However, there is a way that new languages can be added. If a user is able to provide the minimum amount of content required for us to launch a language, we will then add it. You can learn more here New Languages on LingQ . So, if you are somehow able to find or generate this content, we would be happy to add your language!

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Thank you! I’ll see what I can do!

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Yes! Hungarian, please! :slight_smile:

Some people are Hungary for a new language :smiley:


and hope to learn it without Spain?



Out of curiosity, how does a language get from Beta to “normal” status?

I ask because I might try Arabic or something else someday, but not sure I want to start down a path if it’s just at Beta level.

Beta Languages has limited content and are not fully supported. Once a language becomes popular enough (when there is enough contect, tutors, user hints) we will add it to our list of official languages and add full support for it.

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Hi! I’m Hungarian and I have been studying English for 2 years.
I read that you wanted to start learning Hungarian. Have you started yet? I can help you if you want to practice Hungarian. No SEX or “meeting-in-real-time” topics, OK? I am happy with my husband and my son! I am just want to help you to practice. I love my mother tongue! I thing it is one of the most beautiful languages all around the world! Although, the Hungarian grammar is rather difficult, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
Miért szeretnél magyarul tanulni?

Relax - he’s already got a desirable Hungarian girl in mind!

Hey, I am also happy to help learn Hungarian. As Giseellee said, it is not an easy one but I talked to a few people around the world who learned Hungarian and their attitude was unbelievable. They become so good in Hungarian as if they were natives and I had not imagined that it would be possible.
After all, great idea, but keep the importance of attitude in mind! Hit me up if I can help you!

It looks like the LingQ team has created a rule how to ignore new languages to be added.
It took me alot of time adding Polish content when it had Beta status and already had some hours of lessons provided by other users.
I can’t imagine how to collect so many lessons at once to satisfy the New Languages on LingQ rule.

I’d like to have hidden “gamma languages” to collect the texts and audio. Let it be without any possibility to create lingqs, without dictionaries, without flags and so on. Just the plain text with title, picture and audio. The same as it is for all the languages but without any support from the LingQ team.
I am sure it is not hard to make such option. I am sure no support and headache will be needed to display just a plain text.

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I’m still hoping for Serbo-Croatian to show up. The only audiobook material I found online which I could get the text for was the Bible, so I bought the Serbian Bible from eBay yesterday (I like real books). It sure pays to learn a more popular language. At least it gets easier to find material. Not that I have anything against the Bible but the language in it can be archaic.

This isn’t true. For example, I gave you a sample of Thai and you said you wouldn’t add it because it was too hard to work with.

Yes, I also regret their policy of not being able to contribute to a new beta language. Now, it is almost impossible to satisfy the rule, if you cannot deposit lessons somewhere. With the beta languages, it usually takes a time before enough content is available, but that is no problem. As long as people can contribute material, and first learners can start using those lessons. But alass, this is not the priority of the LingQ team.

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