No hints showing on yesterday's flashcards on iPhone; no flashcards at all today

I have just come to revise my Russian flashcards and I notice that the latest I have on my phone are yesterday’s - today’s have not arrived. Moreover, no hints are showing on yesterday’s cards, although the hints are all present and correct when I look at the cards on my laptop.

I checked mine (I use Russian on Android). The newest flashcards I have on the my Android phone are 2015-05-03, which match the latest on the vocabulary website. Maybe a timezone issue on the web site?

For the hints from yesterday, mine work fine. If you edit the card, do the hints show? To edit (on Android) hold your finger down on the card.

did you try refreshing the page? killing the app and loading it again?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

I took a look on the iOS app and it seems to be showing everything properly. Do you have push notifications enabled on your iPhone? If so, a notification should appear whenever a new list is ready to be reviewed.

It’s also quite strange that the hints wouldn’t be showing up. I can’t seem to reproduce this one either - would you try closing the app (as keke_eo suggests) and relaunching it to see if that helps?

Thanks Alex. Yes, oddly, today’s LingQs have just arrived, and the hints are showing up on both yesterday’s and today’s. Thanks. It was the combination of non-arrival and no hint that made me write, but all well at the mo.

Ah, glad to hear it! Yes, it was quite strange, especially that the hints weren’t showing. If you notice any other issues with the app please let us know!