No content for Croatian

I added Croatian a few months ago but there seems to be no content for this language - no mini-stories… nothing. I understand mini-stories are the bare minimum for a language to qualify for beta…so is this a bug? The libraries for all my other languages are working just fine. I’ve been checking back regularly and it’s still the same.

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Croatian was added without content because we decided in last moment to add Serbian and Croatian as two separate language slots. At the moment we only had Serbian version of Mini Stories ready for Serbocroat slot.
Anyway, good news are that Croatian Mini Stories are now delivered too and we will have all 60 Mini Stories for Croatian available too until the end of week.


Do you mean the Croatian stories will be available AT the end of week?

I will start uploading them today and they should be all up until the end of week, yes.

Thank you, but why will they be up only “until the end of week?” What happens after that? Are you taking them down again?

Thank you Zoran, that’s great news. I have already made some progress using imported materials but I missed something more structured…like the mini stories. I’m going to spend a week in Pula in December so I want to fully focus on Croatian in the next month or so.

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@LILingquist Ah, no, no worries. I said I’ll upload them all until the end of week, but they will of course stay on the site permanently.

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Hi, is there any news on the mini stories? Thanks.

Here’s the link to Croatian version of the Mini Stories:
Login - LingQ
Not all stories are up yet, but I am adding them daily and all 60 will be available soon.

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Are you still uploading them? I can see 14 mini stories so far, right?

Sorry about the delay. I had to make some edits to Croatian stories so it took a bit longer than expected to import more. I will upload more during this weekend and we should have all 60 stories up until the end of next week.

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Any news on when the mini stories will be up? Additional content would be great!

20 more stories imported today. More to come during weekend.