No audio in Mozilla Firefox (desktop version)

The audio doesn’t play in Firefox anymore (and, of course: It’s not possible to finish a lesson or, sometimes, to continue in a lesson after the first few pages).

Audio works in Google Chrome, though.

Maybe it would be a good idea to just focus the energies of the LingQ developers on 1-2 browsers on the desktop version (say, Safari and Chrome).

By the way, it’s not good advertising that the forum threads increasingly seem to consist mainly of bug/error reports.


To the contrary, each bug report is like a love letter to LingQ, showing how much users care about the site, it’s great advertisement :smiling_imp:. It would be a real problem if no-one reported bugs anymore, that would indicate users had given up. Although, if LingQ continue on this path, the situation will reach a tipping point, I’m afraid. Life is short after all - probably too short for wrestling with LingQ’s website. I can recommend the (iOS) app however.


Sorry, Florian!
I’m not a LingQ hater, but if the LingQ support, for example, prefers to write the same pointless forum posts about how to cancel/downgrade an account or constantly apologizes for fixing bugs (or not), then for goodness sake, pin two posts to the top of the forum threads - and update them accordingly.

I can’t believe that the LingQ support writes hundreds of almost identical posts (one more meaningless than the other) every year with constant apologies, constant explanations that the subscription won’t be renewed, that the account has been cancelled, bla bla bla.

If I had to show LingQ to my colleagues or business clients, their reaction would probably be something like:
“Peter, what on earth is this? It’s not just completely cluttered and full of bad design decisions, it’s a madhouse! Have you lost your mind?”

LingQ should probably sell its business and let pros do their job. It’s simply not enough to be “passionate” about language learning.

How do I know? Well, business (process) analysis (automation included) is my daily bread…

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We will look into it.

Our team is looking into this. Thanks for reporting.