No audio for app after IOS update

Greetings. New hitch that appeared after the most recent IOS update on my iPhone: I lost all text to speech when using the LingQ app. I have audio in other applications and while using LingQ online, and it works fine in the LingQ app on my iPad, but I haven’t updated the IOS version. Just a heads up.

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Can you please go to Settings → Reader → Text To Speech → Voice and see if you have any voices installed.
They should be by default. If none are selected, select one and try again.
You aren’t the first user complained about TTS not working after updating to new iOS version. Good thing is - it started working by itself after a day for all users who complained. I assume it must be something with that update.

Hi Zoran,
Yes, I did try this after I read your advice for others who were having the same problem. Unfortunately for me, when I hit “voice,” I get a blank screen, none to select.

So weird. The problem has fixed itself. :+1: Thx.

Good to know! As I have said, same thing happened to other users as well after upgrading iOS, but luckily it gets solved after a while.