No Anki file send to my email address

Hi, I export the vocabulary lists and there is a msg saying that it will send to my email.
I tried a couple of times and there is nothing send to my email address

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This is happening to me too

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Try checking your spam folder.

Check your spam folder, if it’s not there, please contact us on support(at) and we will investigate it further.

I checked the spam folder before sending my message

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I have no other option but to take your 2-day-long silence as a message that you’re no longer interested in my money

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Do you get other emails from us? I checked your account and looks like you were completely unsubscribed from our email system. I added you back now so please give it another try.
I also asked you to email us at support(at) if it still doesn’t work as we will need more details to make sure you registered with correct email.

It’s now happening the same thing to me :c, I can’t get my lingQs sended to my email nor dowload them by checking the box :C but I do receive other emalis. Prior to this day it was working, any ideas?

Can you please give it another try now?

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It work, thanks

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Hello. This is happening to me now. I have email notifications turned on and I checked my spam folder.

@weselak97 You were unsubscribed from our email system. Give it another try now.

Hi, I’m having the same problem! I tried re-subscribing to emails but I’m not sure it worked :frowning:

@yahvishah Try again now, you were unsubscribed from our email system.