No access to conversation report after submitting

I have just created a conversation report and submitted it. Now the link (xxxxx is a number) does not work, and I am not able to see or edit my report. Is this normal or a bug?

The above link is in the reports list.
The correct link (that works) is
Please correct this.

Hans-Peter, I reported the same problem some months ago. I hope it will be fixed some day.

As long as you can see the conversation on your speaking page, you can open it from there. Click on the conversation and you can open it. It works only for the last 3 days (as far as I can remember).

Yes, Vera. The problem occurs when the report you want to open is no longer displayed on the Speak page.

is good, you remeber!

Thanks for reporting this again. We do have it on our list. We hope to have it fixed soon.

Hi guys,

This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!