Night Mode for the LingQ app

I understand that the LingQ team has much more important things to work on than this, but I still would like to make a suggestion that I feel would help at least a few users.

Having used both the IBooks app and LingQ on my IPad, I ultimately am now enjoying using LingQ for reading a lot more. However, as a frequent morning and evening LingQ-er, I think it’d be helpful for LingQ to have a ”dark” or ”night” mode. It hurts my eyes to see a bright white sceeen while using the app in the dark, so I would find this improvement at the very least to be a eye-pleasing enhancement.

However, if I am missing something and their is some setting that I can activate to make it dark without any official features being added, please tell me. I’d be happy to have some help without the team having to do anything.



Thanks for your suggestion. The night mode would be great, and we will probably implement it in future, but until then what you can do is to activate the eye adaptibility mode, which is available on each Android device.

Thanks for the quick reply. As I am using an IPad and not an Android device, I won’t be able to use that feature. But I think there might be a similar one on Apple products. I’ll look around for it.

wooops! Sorry, not sure why I had Android in mind when you clearly mentioned an iPad.
The eye adaptibility mode is available on the iOS devices too. The easies is to enable it via the accessibility shortcut. → General → Accessibility → Accessibility Shortcut (at the very bottom) → Smart Invert Colors, then tap home 3x to activate/deactivate.

Hope this helps!

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No worrys, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it out!