"Next Lesson" link is gone (replaced by "New Course")

I’ve come back to LingQ after some time. I found out that the link I use to get to the next lesson after I’m finished with the current one is no longer there. Instead I get the “New Course” link in its place. I’ve double-checked my course, I still have plenty of lessons left to go. The lesson order is set correctly.


Hi GreenAirplane,
Sorry about that. We are already familiar with this bug and we are working to get it fixed asap. Thanks for your patience.

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Me too. I assumed this was all part of the same problem which makes me unable to find my imported lessons. Good to hear I’m not the only one affected.

I’ve faced this problem too. As far as I can see only private lessons are effected. I guess the software developer forgot that private lessons should not be shown for private lessons from other learners, not for my own lessons. I remember some time ago there was a bug that by using “next lesson”, users had access to private lessons in a course of others, what should not be the case.

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Glad to know the Lingq techs are on it. I’ve been meaning to say something, but have just been too lazy. The missing “next lesson” link and nonfunctioning “Recently Added” sort are particularly annoying since lingq changed last year and now imported lessons are automatically broken up into pieces of 2,000 instead of 10,000.

LingQ remains awesome as always. Thanks as always for your attention.

I have to say that automatically breaking lessons up into pieces of 2,000 words has been a boon to my learning. It is done to lessen the calculation load which speeds up the site, but the benefit is in importing whole books. I buy an ebook, convert it using Calibre and import it and start learning. Voila. One man’s meat…

Re Recently Added I presume you are referring to the ongoing problems with search and sort functions in the library. This is one of the many issues we are working on. Can’t say when we will get it fixed, but it is a gradual process. Handling a large library is not easy, see Amazon and others.

Hi Steve. Yes, sort/search capability is exactly what I was talking about, but patience is a virtue and LingQ is still otherwise fully functional so, while a tad annoying at the moment, it’s far from frustrating. …As far as the auto-break-up is concerned, I remember Mark (and someone else) explaining the reasoning behind it and lighting the load on the back-end of the site seems to make it worth it. Moreover, I think I would also find it a boon if I were starting more new languages. For me, loading up 8-10,000 word pieces at a time just creates a lot more lessons. If I were getting going something new, smaller chunks would be more beneficial…However, I am curious as to what you’re doing with ebooks. I would probably do that with Spanish, since I need longer, more sophisticated texts.

Sorry about that. That Next Lesson link should be restored now.

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Just discovered Calibre! What a relief as I couldn’t find a PDF version of the book I’m bringing into lingq anywhere.