“What goes up must come down”

4 years ago Italy touched heaven, yesterday it plunged into the circle of infamy.

But I have to say it was a thrilling match and it prooved again that we need to modify the rules to get more scorings.

As had once been already said, “Fusball ist nicht alles!” Excuse my spelling.

I am so sad to see Italy go back home after such a great game. It’s been the biggest surprise from this WC.

I haven’t a clue about football, I grant, but I have sitting in a pub in Berlin Wednesday evening and have talked together with Austrians, Italiens, Brits (sorry: English - I had been cleared up this evening from a half German half English) and Germans about the play against Ghana. Around 20 coaches sitting around one table discussing about the best strategy. The after-play party on the Kurfürstendamm together with felt 5 Million people from every nation was sensational. Ok - my french colleague wasn’t amused - take point.